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Year 4 Roman Day

Feb, 2023 | News

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Resplendent in their Roman costumes, Y4 enjoyed a day with the 9th Legion to fight against Boudicca and to work hard within the Roman camp. Led into battle by our very own Signifier (Ollie), the children marched into battle putting their tortue formation and their newly acquired bowmanship to good use.


During the quieter moments they made mosaics, created wax tablets, scent bags, toga pins and pottery vases. The afternoon saw Y4 return to the 21st Century to become archaeologists, digging for clues about the fort they had ‘visited’ that morning. Could they work out which part of the camp they had discovered? Could they label their findings and create a museum exhibit? Yes they could! 


It was a marvellous day full of activity, fun and learning. Well done Year 4!