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In September 2020 we launched a new initiative at King’s, the Cresco Division!

Cresco is the Latin term meaning “to grow” and we believe the joy of enrichment should be within the experience of every child. Whilst there are some whose particular gifts and talents will determine a specialism quite early on in their development, for others, finding that ‘thing’ which sparks the curiosity and interest that will last a lifetime, will be as a result of any number of trial runs.


Cresco Division

High Standards

The very high standards of choral training, so long at the heart of King’s, now sit alongside the Cresco Division, a full programme of enrichment for all pupils, with carousels of options including literature, drama, engineering and archaeology, delivered more formally over the period of three years from Year 6 to Year 8, but with STEM and choral training programmes in the Juniors and Pre-Prep.

Our programme includes:

  •  Archaeology (elective)
  • Athletics
  • Arts Award
  • Choral training: King’s Choristers
  • Choral training: Schola Cantorum
  • Critical Thinking
  • Engineering (elective)
  • English Literature and Poetry
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Instrumental Ensembles
  • Macro Economics
  • Maths Challenge (elective)
  • Music Technology
  • Reasoning
  • Spanish
Ballet Class
Pupil sketching
Year 8 Bugsy
Pupils Playing Chess

Contact Us

For further information about our enrichment, please contact us.