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Years 5 & 6

In Years 5 and 6, pupils are expected to become more independent in their thinking, planning and personal organisation. With guidance and support from our experienced team of Form Tutors, pupils adapt to more of a senior school style of education, moving between lessons taught largely by subject specialists in a greater number of classrooms.


Pupils benefit from an exciting and increasingly broad array of academic, artistic and sporting opportunities. They participate in national essay writing competitions, as well as mathematical and computational thinking challenges; practise in a plethora of ensembles, including the School Orchestra; perform in annual dramatic productions; and regularly compete in sporting fixtures against other schools.


The importance of mutual respect and team work is consistently nurtured through a programme of PSHCE, dedicated team building days and Easter Term residential trips to The Jarman Centre and Gilwell Park.


Year 7

Year 7 represents an exciting and pivotal stage in pupils’ education at King’s.

With careful scaffolding from the Form Tutor, as well as an experienced team of specialist subject teachers, pupils begin to identify their own strengths and areas for development and take greater responsibility for managing their own learning. This coincides with pupils’ heightened consciousness of the entrance examination requirements of their preferred senior school.

The penultimate year

In their penultimate year at King’s, pupils play an increasingly prominent role in the broader life of the School: representing its senior teams in a variety of sporting fixtures against other schools; starring in the annual Senior Production; and performing in a host of musical concerts.

An Easter Term residential trip to the Lake District National Park is in keeping with our approach to Year 7, as pupils are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone and meet the challenges that confront them with confidence and resilience.

A sense of team spirit and constructive evaluation is fostered throughout the year, with pupils demonstrating a wider awareness of their own unique skills and strengths, as well as appreciating those of others.

Penultimate year
Year 7 pupils sailing

Year 8

Boys in Class
Year 8 Bugsy Production

At the culmination of their school life at King’s, Year 8 pupils relish the responsibilities and challenges associated with being the most senior cohort in the School.

For many, Year 8 involves preparing for and sitting entrance examinations at their preferred senior school. With careful support from the Form Tutor and a dedicated team of specialist subject teachers, we aim to ensure that pupils approach this important stage in their school life in a measured, reflective and purposeful manner, showing kindness and empathy towards each other.

High Aspirations

In concert with high academic aspirations, pupils are encouraged to draw upon and develop all of their skills and talents, not only in readiness for the move into senior school, but also for their own pleasure and enjoyment.

Year 8 pupils are also expected to take on leadership roles within the school community, by modelling exemplary conduct for its younger members and mentoring them, as well as playing a prominent part in charity projects, concerts, sporting fixtures and the Senior Production.

At the end of this busy year, after all entrance examinations have been concluded, pupils celebrate and reflect upon their achievements at King’s during our Leavers’ Programme, which includes a week-long residential trip to France and camping in North Yorkshire. As they look forward eagerly to beginning a new chapter in their education, Year 8 pupils leave us, we hope, as happy individuals, confident in embracing a future of exceptional possibilities.


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