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Kindling the Spark!

The children at King’s are happy, intelligent, inquisitive and full of fun! Educating the whole child is central to our purpose, and with this a deep sense of awareness and gratitude for the many opportunities and the safe caring environment in which the human spirit can flourish.

I am constantly inspired by the words of a former pupil and Headmaster of the School: ‘The secret of education is to find, for each boy [and girl], something that evokes a response, which kindles a spark; something to which he feels an impulse to commit himself, something in which he loses himself. In the long run it does not matter greatly whether initially this ‘something’ is keeping immaculate exercise books, keeping wicket or keeping white mice. The point is that once the process has started, and provided it is guided wisely and sympathetically, there is no stopping it.”

Children at King’s are nurtured and supported in finding the confidence and courage they need to embrace a life-long journey of learning. For us there is no separation between their academic and pastoral development; the two are inextricably entwined and we believe we become the stronger for how we adapt to the many nuances.

King’s is an Anglican Foundation but children of all faiths and denominations are welcome.

You are most welcome to visit the school and I much look forward to meeting you.

Yvette Day

Head and Master over the Choristers



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Yvette Day

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