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Nurturing a love of curiosity and life-long learning.

Happiness is at the heart of every child’s learning experience; happy children are confident in their ability to learn. King’s pupils know that they will not be asked to do anything that is not possible, and that they will be encouraged to overcome any challenges along the way. This is where they learn independence of thought and experience the freedom and responsibility that is the true gift of education.  

Every child has the right to dream!  As educators, our responsibility is to find the link that will give children the scaffolding they need to realise their dreams.

Traditional Education

There is much to be said for a traditional education! It is not just about exam results, which so often drive the only experience that too many children have of their school journey. At King’s we are not shy of the rigour that high standards require and the diligence that pupils will need to achieve this, but this will only ever be one dimension of our whole approach.

The educational canvas we endorse is one of infinite possibility. Our curriculum is creative and full. All the time we are challenging ourselves with that all-important question:  What should children learn? Knowledge, yes, but more importantly, how to use it to effect a positive and meaningful life experience, both individually and in all that they can offer to society. 

Alongside a more traditional curriculum is a wealth of opportunities and experiences that will afford both freedom and structure in every child’s learning, including challenge, a sense of accomplishment, and the belief that everyone has a key part to play.

Traditional Education
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We believe that every child should have opportunities in the day for exploring the things that really ‘float their boat’. Of course, we know that there will inevitably be disappointments and challenges on the way; these are a vital part of the journey. At King’s, it is about seeking to find that sense of perspective and balance in a whole learning experience, where there are chances to both excel and to make the mistakes from which every child can learn, without the sky falling on their head!

“I had this rare privilege of being able to pursue in my adult life, what had been my childhood dream.”

Sir Andrew Wiles kbe frs | kcs alumnus 
Mathematician, best known for proving Fermat’s Last Theorem.

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