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Year 2 Victorian Day

Oct, 2022 | News

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Year 2 Victorian Day 

Year 2 pupils were excited to bring their learning topic to life by dressing and learning all about Victorian children for the day.

The children began their morning by acting out a “role play” in a Victorian classroom, which included standing before speaking to the teacher, and either curtseying or bowing and saying ‘If you please sir.’ 

The ‘head’ boy and girl walked around at times to check that the class were seated with knees and ankles together. Quite a responsibility! 

After break, the children enjoyed sketching artefacts in a ‘Victorian museum’ and then spent the afternoon crafting Victorian toys such as spinning tops, cork ships and peg dolls.

Pupils also enjoyed making candles, leather bookmarks and decorating commemorative mugs to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. 

Well done Year 2 for all your creative costumes and for bringing Victorian Day to life!