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Year 2 Stardome Experience

Nov, 2021 | News

Year 2 “StarDome” Experience 

Year 2 were excited for their visit to the StarDome on Tuesday. They entered the large black dome tent with care and a sense of awe.  The astronomer, Andy Green, had an interactive presentation which recapped and expanded their learning to date. It was wonderful to see constant hand-raising to share knowledge and to ask fantastic questions (which Mrs Taylor and Mrs Richardson were very glad they did not have to answer!).  Andy Green was also thrilled with the children’s enthusiasm and understanding. A particular highlight was handling different meteorites, one which was surprisingly heavy and smelt of copper coins.

Here are a few snippets from thank you letters that illustrate how much the visit was appreciated:

It was the best time in a lifetime. Thank you so so so so much I can’t say how fun it was, it was indescribable!”

“I really loved the constellations and the projection. Thank you so much for coming to our school. You drove all the way just to do this, I really appreciate it, thank you so much for all of this.”

” I learnt that Voyager One had just left the Milky Way…thank you for teaching me that there is a storm on Neptune as well as Jupiter…and for letting me hold meteorites…I learnt so much about the Solar System.”

We did not mind that the main projector decided to ‘play-up’ as we had more time for questions and are excited to know that the StarDome will be returning in the near future when it is fixed, so that we can have the full experience.

Reach for the stars Year 2!