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Year 1 Trip to the Botanic Gardens

Jul, 2024 | News

Year 1 had the most wonderful adventure to the Botanic Gardens to conclude their Easter Term topic of ‘Let’s Get Growing!’ The children are excited to share a few of their thoughts about how special they found their day.


I read a really good fact about how plants tell the time. I loved reading out the facts to my group! Magnus S

We went to the greenhouses and they were really hot because lots of plants from tropical places needed to grow there. Samuel T

I loved going to the Bee Borders; there were lots and lots of lovely flowers there! They were so colourful and they smelt wonderful! Tom E

I liked making my ‘sticky leaf’ when we collected flower petals, feathers, leaves, bark and anything else natural which was no longer living. I really liked my leaf because of all the wonderful combination of colours! Constance R

The tree hunt was my favourite part of the day; we had to find all of the different leaves and trees and use a map with coordinates to find each tree! It was really difficult but really fun! Henry S

I loved going to the Botanic Gardens because it was very beautiful. I particularly liked the cacti in the greenhouses! Max R

I really enjoyed resting in the log sofa after a lot of walking! Sophia A-B

I loved all of the colours in the gardens and I also enjoyed seeing beehives, particularly after our ‘Bee Day’ last week! Megan L

The plant-maze was so fun because in the middle, there was a fancy wooden throne to sit on! Benjamin F-M

My favourite plant was the banana plant because it was so big and I have never seen a banana plant before! Leo L

It was the best day ever of my life! Mucheng P