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Year 1 Trip to Hedingham Castle

Oct, 2022 | News

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Year 1 were extremely excited to visit Hedingham Castle on 4th October and see their topic-based learning brought to life!

During their visit, pupils learnt how to greet people of different importance within the castle including Lady Oxford, who spoke to them about her life and title. The children also met the minstrels and listened to a variety of period instruments, to which they then took part in a group dance to a medieval tune.

 Following this, the children were then introduced to a variety of weapons from the castle, and a few brave knights even dressed up in chainmail, ready for battle! Next saw a visit to the castle archer who showed the children how to shoot at a straw target and there was much amazement as he fired his final arrow high into the air!

 The afternoon included a visit to the Great Hall where the children heard about the rich banquets that would have taken place there, after which they visited the chapel and the place where the scribe wrote letters.

 The trip was rounded off with the children practicing jousting at the quintain using their trusty lances, after which they then acted out a “castle siege” learning how a castle would have been protected from attack.

 Well done Year 1 for immersing yourselves so brilliantly in all things medieval!