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Act of Remembrance, 11th November 2021

Nov, 2021 | News

Act of Remembrance, 11th November 2021  

As part of our Remembrance preparations this year, pupils in Years 6 to 8 have been taking part in a project making Remembrance Poppy’s which have been displayed all week on the Briggs Lawn. 

The principle of the project is to stop the usual projects being worked on by the children in Years 6 – 8 and for them to make a ‘poppy windmill’ that is dedicated, in remembrance, to a family member or to a member of the school who gave their life or was injured during a past conflict, regardless of who they may have been fighting for.

It is a time for remembrance, reflection and reconciliation. Along with the dedication, a prayer or reflection is added to the poppy as a leaf, a green shoot of hope for the future. The Year 8 children also had the opportunity to make a silhouette of a nurse, sailor, suffragette, soldier or airman, all of which are adorned with a poppy. When viewing the poppies overhead from the library, they can be seen to make a heart shape. 

All pupils came together with parents and staff on Thursday morning for our Act of Remembrance to listen to readings, prayers, singing and ensemble music in commemoration of this poignant day. It was a very special morning shared by all; thank you to all those who contributed.