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Reception Visit to Chapel

Oct, 2022 | News

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Reception Visit to Chapel 

Reception pupil enjoyed a lovely Autumnal walk to Chapel this week where they were given a bespoke tour by the Chaplain Dr Mary Kells herself. The children were all extremely excited to see inside the Chapel, as for many this was their first time!

 During the tour, the children enjoyed searching for all the special features inside the Chapel such as the organ, alter, fleur de lis, crown and wood carvings, ticking  the items off their list as they went by. We were all awed when we then lay down on the floor to admire the beautiful fan vaulted ceiling (the best way to view it!).

The children showed great interest in the Chapel and asked some fantastically relevant questions about it’s history, architecture and our connection to it as a school. 

Well done Reception! We are glad you enjoyed this, the first of many visits to Chapel.