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22nd Annual Parent and Pupil Design Technology challenge

Nov, 2022 | News

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22nd Annual Parent and Pupil Design Technology challenge

With record numbers of entries, record speeds and jet engines the parents and pupils of Year 5 took up the challenge to design and build the Formula 1 car of the future. Not only were the teams required to design the shape of the car, but also their team logo and livery. The evening challenge was based around a term long project that the Year 7 and 8 children enjoy!

It was a high octane and high energy hour of designing and making followed by a single run down the 10 metre track.

The timing was automatic as the teams waited for all the lights to turn red and go out, the cars were launched and raced from the starting gate to the finishing line in a matter of seconds, averaging speeds of around 200 miles per hour, the judging was not quite as quick but it was as precise! The judges were looking for clear and imaginative logos placed on the cars and a range of individual and eye catching team merchandise as their ‘pit displays’ were enjoyed by all.

It was fascinating to see the teams evolve; who were the team managers, the marketing managers, design engineers and the production engineers.

Many congratulations to all of the teams who entered and enjoyed the evening.