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Year 8 Christmas Charity Project

Jan, 2022 | News

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Year 8 Christmas Charity Backpack Project 

This year Year 8 were involved in providing ‘service’ to those less fortunate than themselves. With this in mind Mrs McNiff took the lead on a project to support young learners in African countries such as Malawi. The project settled on was ‘Mary’s Meals’: a global charity which provides a daily meal in a place of learning. The charity also aims to encourage children in poverty stricken areas to go to school to gain an education which can, in the future, be their ladder out of poverty.

The Back Pack Project encourages children all over the world to pack a bag with pencils, pens, notebooks and rulers, in addition to some necessities such as toothbrushes, tooth paste, soap and a towel. These back packs are then packed and distributed to school pupils across Malawi to support their studies. Since the Backpack Project began in 2005, more than 450,000 filled backpacks have been sent from supporters across the UK to children receiving Mary’s Meals.

Year 8 pupils worked together as a team to organise, sort and fill a huge number of Backpacks in aid of this charity. Thank you Year 8 for all your effort towards this very worthwhile cause.