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Year 7 Trip to Tate Modern and London Eye

Feb, 2023 | News

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On Monday 6th February Year 7 visited the London Eye and Tate Modern gallery in London as part of their English and Art studies. During their visit they were encouraged to respond creatively to their surroundings (on the Eye) and to the works of art they viewed at the Tate where we were also fortunate to gain tickets to the Cezanne exhibition, as well as visiting the main galleries. The pupils were incredibly creative during their trip and impeccably behaved. For a day in early February the weather was also on its best behaviour with sunshine and blue skies. A great day out was had by all! 

We are also delighted to share some poems written by our Year 7 pupils…


 “Good Ol’ London Town”

As we rise higher and higher,

Above the murky water,

My stomach churns as we watch the

People below become somewhat like Pinpricks.


Projected onto the snake that winds

Through the city, our shadow seems endlessly

Shrinking, like a wool jumper in the wash.


There is nothing like the feeling of floating;

With the alabaster clouds, and the graphite pigeons.

It gives us a sense of relief; protection, maybe.

Something that you can’t compare with


The rest of the world. It is incomparable.

Finally, the twisting turns of the roads and paths

And the patchwork of the parks and lawns become

More detailed, as this experience

Comes to a close.

 Oh how we love good ol’ London Town.

 By Bea, Bea and Maggie – Year 7

 “Good Ol’ London Town”

We rose up above the clouds; 

The sky becoming a blanket all around us; 

Engulfing us in a fluffy cloud hug; 

Our pod scorched with sunlight 

It became boiling hot; 


Our shadows reflected in the Thames; 

Creating a dark ring flickering 

in the murky green water; 

The people becoming pin heads on the grey streets below; 


We stared out across the skyline;  

London’s beautiful silhouette cutting out  

Amazing-dancing shapes in the sky; 

And finally we got to the top. 


It was like meditation, 


Escaping from world rising up; 

Defying gravity; 

Proving we can; 


Then it was all gone the feeling, 

The rush; 

Gone, gone; 

And then my feet were back on the ground. 

 By Bea – Year 7