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Year 7 Classics Curriculum Morning

Mar, 2024 | News


The inaugural Year 7 Classics Curriculum Morning took place on Tuesday 27th January. Linking in nicely with February’s learning rib of ‘Exploration’, our Year 7 pupils spent the whole morning immersing themselves in the Classical world and learning about the wide range of disciplines which are needed to build up a deep understanding of the Classical past.   

The day started with a lecture by Professor Chris Whitton on the Emperor Augustus as he is portrayed in the famous Prima Porta statue. Pupils then had the opportunity to see a copy of this statue, among many others, on a visit to the Cast Gallery in the Classics Faculty.  The 7C group were introduced to some of the highlights in the Cast Gallery by Professor Christopher Kelly, a King’s parent.  Year 7 also took part in workshops on Virgil’s Aeneid, Linguistics and Papyrology which were run by our Classics teachers (Mr Sykes, Mr Barker-Sherry and Dr Murgatroyd-Shipp). Thank you to all the staff who made this possible (including Mr Gilchrist, who helped with the Cast Gallery trips), and to Year 7 for their enthusiastic approach to the whole morning.