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Year 6 Activities Week

Jul, 2024 | News

During our fun-filled, action-packed Activity Week, Year 6 enjoyed an amazing 3-night stay at Gilwell Park. Over the course of the week, we experienced activities that we had never even heard of! Pioneering, raft-building, climbing, team building, and archery are only a few of the incredible selection of challenges that our year group undertook.

Each morning, we chatted in our tents until seven o’clock, when we went down to eat breakfast together in the spacious dining hall. We then began the exciting activities, led by Scout volunteers from all over the world (which usually ended in fun competitions of some kind). After lunch we once more resumed our activities and then gathered around the campfire to roast delicious gooey marshmallows in the flickering firelight. Finally, we showered (this was compulsory!), and snuggled sleepily down into our cosy sleeping bags.

 Sleeping in tents and tackling activities with friends old and new helped us cement our friendships and brought us closer together as a year group.   

Anya D, Year 6