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Year 4 Roman Day at King’s!

Feb, 2022 | News

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Year 4 Roman Day at King’s!

It’s not every day you see a Roman army march around King’s, but that is exactly what you would have seen last Friday as the Year 4s were put through their paces as they trained to be Roman soldiers.  Fighting tactics, sword skills and archery were the order of the day as our visiting Roman explained how the Romans were trained to be a professional army. For some, this was the best part of the day; some pupils loved being an auxiliary, some enjoyed taking on the role of Centurion, and others even got to shoot a real arrow from a bow using leather finger guards to protect fingers.  In other parts of the school we were learning how to make mosaics, copper broach pins, wax tablets, leather finger guards for archers, and even small clay bottles in which to keep our medicines.  A visit to the apothecary to mix our own medicines, and our morning was complete.

The afternoon saw Year 4 turn into budding archaeologists, digging for artefacts and trying to piece together which part of the Roman fort they had uncovered. This required some serious detective work.  It just so happens that Year 4 are pretty good History Detectives – the Great British Dig has nothing on us!

 We all had a really enjoyable day. We learnt a lot and we looked amazing – thank you to all the parents who helped put the children’s costumes together – they all looked fabulous.

Year 4  Form Teachers