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Year 4 Roman Day

Feb, 2024 | News

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The legion of Year 4 pupils arriving at school on Tuesday was a sight to behold. Pupils arrived in an array of splendid togas, beautiful stola and even military helmets. There was a real sense of anticipation as they entered the hall to step back in time to iron-age Roman Britain. The pupils were soon busily engaged in activities which ranged from meticulous mosaics, crafting wax tablets and fashioning leather finger-protectors for archery. While they worked, pupils were variously petitioned to join the Roman Army where they were put through their paces in learning battle formations to prepare for the Boudican revolt! In the afternoon, the pupils stepped back to the 21st century to work as archaeologists to excavate Roman artefacts. They used their detective skills to piece together the evidence to find out about life in a Roman fort. All in all, it was a wonderful day. Gratias ago tibi omnes!