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Year 3 Trip to the Centre for Computing History

Jun, 2023 | News

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On Wednesday, Year 3 visited The Centre for Computing History in Cambridge. The visit was part of their History work this term on developments in Britain since the end of World War II. The children went back in time from smartphones to the earliest computers, learnt about Morse Code, wrote programs to make traffic lights work and played on some retro games consoles.


My best bit was playing video games on the old Xboxes. Charles

The best part of the trip was trying out old games and the tour, because it was interesting seeing what people used years ago. Felix

My favourite part of the trip was when we played the games. Aoife

The thing I enjoyed most was when we saw all of the massive computers because they were so fascinating. Elinor

The best part of the trip was to try to play on old computers, learning to do Morse Code and having lunch. Alex

My favourite was playing Mario. William and I got blown up by a Trooper. Leo

The best thing I did on the trip was Scratch. Camilla Sophia

The best part of the trip was the Morse Code because we learnt how to send the code for miles. James T

My favourite part of the trip was when we went to the Gaming Museum and played on the consoles. Joshua

My favourite thing in the computing museum was the games zone and the Morse Code. Uriel

The best thing about this trip was playing video games. Audrey

The best bit of this school trip was eating lunch, because it was really delicious. Dylan

The best thing about the trip was the Morse Code, because I learnt how to spell the names of my whole family. William

My favourite bits were playing the games, having lunch, learning Morse Code and doing Scratch. Avery

The thing I enjoyed the most was the gaming session, because the monkey game was really fun and I loved it. James Z