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Year 3 Evacuee Day at Stibbington

Mar, 2023 | News

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It was a bracing February morning, when the train carrying the evacuees from Year 3 pulled into the platform at Wansford Station, Stibbington. The children were greeted by their billeting officers and walked across the fields to the village, seeing where they would be staying with their host families on the way. When the children arrived at the school, they filled in their identity cards, practised their handwriting with ink pens and learnt some valuable lessons from the propaganda posters.

Their lessons were interrupted by the air raid siren and they had to decamp to the shelter, where they kept their spirits up by singing some popular wartime songs. When they returned to the classroom, the children were lucky enough to hear a  broadcast from Princess Elizabeth on the wireless, encouraging them to keep their spirits up.

It wasn’t all hard work though; they had a playtime with some of the toys from the era and had spam sandwiches for lunch.

Huge thanks to Mrs. Holland for organising the day – the children had lots of fun with the day bringing their topic to life.