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Year 3 Egyptian Day

Oct, 2023 | News

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A visitor to the playground at lining up time before school on Wednesday morning might have been rather surprised by some of the clothing being worn by Year 3. However, the children were not modelling the latest version of the school uniform, but had come ready to take part in Year 3’s Ancient Egypt Day. Role play formed a large part of the day and the children certainly entered into the spirit with their superb costumes. 

In the morning, the children took part in a range of art and craft activities, which included making wax perfume cones, sculpting shabtis and canopic jars, making bread, carving scarab beetles, making and using ink, creating cures for a variety of ailments and making jewellery. Whilst all of this activity was going on, the Assembly Hall was rife with rumours about a power struggle between the pharaoh and his general.

In the afternoon, the children had a great feast to celebrate the pharaoh’s victory and the children took on the roles of dancers, actors, musicians, guards, slaves and even a food taster! The whole day was a real success – the children had lots of fun and learnt a lot too. Many thanks to all of the staff who helped out.