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Year 2 Trip to Woburn Safari Park

May, 2023 | News

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On Friday 19 May, Year 2 visited Woburn Safari Park as part of their ‘Amazing Asia’ topic. On arrival, the excitement built as we entered the safari area; first, entering an enclosure where we saw zebras and ostriches, before moving on to the bear and wolf enclosure, lion enclosure and finally the monkey enclosure. The children had great fun watching one monkey get a lift on a car bonnet and then watching one of the keepers removing a monkey off the top of our coach with a long stick! 

The coach finally drove past elephants and giraffes, before everyone got off and had a quick pit stop for some lunch. Exploring on foot then began, including visits to the red panda, lemurs, goats, meercats, parrots, penguins, snakes and many, many more animals. A particular highlight was the talk at the sealion enclosure. The children found it hilarious watching the sea lions rolling and jumping through the water and giving the keepers a high five

 A wonderful day was had by all.