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Year 1 Visit to St Mark’s Church, Newnham

Dec, 2023 | News

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Year 1 took a beautiful Winter’s walk to St Mark’s Church, Newnham, to link their learning about special places at particular times of the year. This term, in RE and PSHCE lessons, they have studied meaningful places, which led to interesting discussions about why people value and cherish particular places.

In order to better understand the period of Advent, the children were welcomed into the peaceful surroundings of St Mark’s by The Reverend Bethan Rodden, Assistant Curate, and Natalie Lealand, Family and Children’s Minister. The children were given a tour of the Church, focusing particularly on important features and symbols, bringing their learning to life.

The Reverend Rodden shared the symbolism of colours in the Christian church and discussed the importance of light during the time leading up to Christmas. The children were given time to explore the church as they wished; they were encouraged to speak from the pulpit, read from the lectern and stretch for the pedals of the church organ!

As a final treat, the children were gifted Nativity-figure finger-puppets to decorate and re-enact the Christmas story that they had so recently celebrated in their Crib Service.

It was a wonderful opportunity to further understand the season of Advent and the importance of hope, peace, joy and love at this time of year.