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Year 1 Trip to Hedingham Castle

Oct, 2023 | News

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On Wednesday, Year 1 had an exciting adventure at the majestic Hedingham Castle to support their topic of ‘Castles and Crowns’. 

This fantastic opportunity brought history to life and it was wonderful watching the children investigating the past in such a beautiful and stimulating setting. 

With help from the incredible team from ‘Hands on the Past’, the children learnt how to be an apothecary, how to use a bow and arrow, how to appropriately address different people of the castle and using the spiral, stone staircase up to the Great Hall was a particular highlight! 

Whilst our role-play areas in the children’s Form rooms are second-to-none, there was something quite spectacular about being inside a real-life castle and among the stunning surroundings of Hedingham Castle! 

We were so proud of all of the children – they were captivated, insightful and shared excellent knowledge of the topic, whilst asking thoughtful questions to develop their understanding.