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iPad Launch Day for Senior School

Jan, 2023 | News

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Last term, we were delighted to announce the inclusion of iPad technology into the teaching and learning experience of pupils in Years 7 and 8.  

Thursday 5th January would be a very special day! Following 18 months of careful thinking, research and preparation, Year 7 and 8 pupils enthusiastically received their devices and attended induction workshops designed to encourage responsible digital learning, as well as to reinforce our key aims: 

  • To enhance pupils’ ability to engage, understand, communicate, create, collaborate and reflect. 
  • To complement the school’s continued commitment to developing the highest possible standards of handwritten communication. 
  • To strengthen and support, rather than undermine, our community’s love of books. 
  • To promote the safe and responsible use of the internet and online applications. 

    Our intention is to train Year 7 and 8 pupils to become more proficient digital learners, in readiness for the transition to senior school where the use of electronic devices, such as iPads, is commonplace. Furthermore, our Year 7 and 8 pupils will benefit from the seamless access to digital resources and support, as well as more immediate, incisive feedback from teachers, which research shows to be instrumental in accelerating pupil progress.   

    We already have several members of staff who are accredited Apple-trained teachers, and all Year 7 and 8 teachers attended a sequence of iPad/Apple Classroom training sessions last term. 

    We look forward to sharing more about digital learning at King’s in the coming months. 


    Tom Coe-Hales 

    Deputy Head, Academic