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Pickleball Taster Morning

Nov, 2023 | News


On Saturday 18 November  our Pickleball taster session was a smashing hit for all pupils involved! Drawing in an excited crowd, the hugely anticipated event lived up to the buzz surrounding it. Pupils dove into learning the ropes of Pickleball, and the enjoyment was palpable.

What stood out was how quickly the pupils picked up the essential skills. They not only grasped the basics swiftly but also put them to good use in short games. Laughter and cheers echoed as they got the hang of it, creating a lively and positive vibe.

The morning was so well received, with even several parents wanting a session, that it has us planning for a re-run. The success of this event wasn’t just about trying a new sport; it was about the shared experience and the genuine fun everyone had. We’re looking forward to recreating that energy in future.