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November Sports Round Up!

Nov, 2022 | News

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November Sports Round Up!

U11 Girls’ Hockey

U11 Girls have made huge progress in Hockey this term. The girls have taken part in a large number of fixtures combined and as single year groups which has allowed for lots of rotations and playing combinations. It has been great to see the girls forming great cohesion and tactics within their own teams. There have been many goals scored, particularly in the penultimate year 6 fixtures with 7-1 and 5-0 wins!

The girls have also been able to experience taking part in “big competitions” including the county cup and IAPS. It has been great to see such a versatile group of players who have enjoyed playing a range of positions and experiencing different learning outcomes, even when results have not always gone in our favour. Their perseverance and determination to improve as a team has been encouraging and it has been lovely to see them inspiring and encouraging each other.

 U13 C’s & D’s Hockey

The C’s and D’s have both been working exceptionally hard this term and the improvement has been there for all to see. Our practise lessons have not been without humour, but that hasn’t resulted in any less effort from both teams. There has been a very noticeable improvement in their technical ability, which has enabled a better understanding of the game itself and a clearer vision of what is expected in specific positions as well as how to work together as a team.  

 The C’s have had some really good matches this term, their best performance being against St John’s where they really showed some fantastic tackling and passing to get a memorable win over our local rivals. The D’s have also shown their improvement over the term with some good individual moments in recent weeks and a clear enjoyment of the game, regardless to the outcome. 

We have seen some superb tackling this term, along with some great goal defence, some productive team passing and not to mention a fair few goals. This all shows that these girls are really enjoying playing Hockey as a team. 

All in all it has been great pleasure to coach the teams and to to see the successes that both teams have achieved.  Well played girls!

 U11 Boys’ Rugby

The U11s have enjoyed a phenomenally successful rugby season across all teams. Throughout the season, the work rate and dedication to improve has been high, meaning training sessions have been thoroughly productive, leading to excellent outcomes in games.

 Both the U11 A and B teams are currently undefeated, having beaten several strong teams along the way. A particular highlight being at the Oundle Festival, both teams made their respective finals. It has also been wonderful to see the commitment and enthusiasm from the C and D teams who have also put in some superb performances. Many pupils in these teams have made exceptional progress and will no doubt see opportunities in the A and B teams soon.

It would be unfair to pick out any pupil as standing out as everyone has contributed to the team’s successes, whether it be winning the ball back at the ruck, making a vital tackle or scoring the winning try. The whole Year should be proud of what they have achieved in rugby this term. Well done all!

 Year 5 Boys’ Rugby 

Year 5 Boys have made great gains in rugby this term and adapted well to contact after missing out on it last year due to the RFU rules. The A team have had many strong performances with wins over Dame Bradbury’s, Perse Prep and Kingshott and a narrow loss to St John’s whilst the B’s and C’ have had a mixed bag of results. 

Edward, Alfie, Louis and Josh have been consistently strong performers with Han being one of the big improvers in the term. All teams have gelled well and have shown fair play and commitment throughout. 

 U13 Boys’ Rugby

The U13 rugby team have produced some excellent performances in fixtures and have really come together as a team over the course of the term. The term started with convincing wins over The Leys, Oundle and Spalding Grammar before losing to a strong St John’s team. The team’s play has been centred around strong running from the forwards especially Jack T, Jack M and Jackson. Albie, Oscar and Aodhan have combined well in attack which has created opportunities for Isaiah to use his devastating pace to score a number of excellent tries. At the U13 IAPS, the team finished fourth which was a pleasing result, the highlight being a convincing 5-2 win over St Faith’s. Well done to all those involved and I hope they all continue to enjoy playing rugby at their senior schools.