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Fiddian Creativity Competition 2023

Feb, 2023 | News

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We have been absolutely delighted to see so many creative and innovative entries to the Fiddian this year. A new record of over 200 hundred entries! We have enjoyed a bold use of materials, thought-provoking ideas and advanced craftsmanship have all come together to provide a feast for the eyes. We have been bowled over by the talent and originality that has once again been exhibited by pupils of all age groups (and staff!).


Mrs King, with her wonderful sense of humour and organisational skills, has kindly provided the Library to display all of the amazing creations, which both pupils and staff have had the pleasure of viewing and judging this week. We hope you get a little sense of it by enjoying the photos and video.


A huge thanks goes to all those who put in the effort, energy and personality to create these fantastic works, and to those who have helped, supported and encouraged the creators. A true reminder of just how “creative” King’s is.


Judging has take place over the course of the past two weeks with the results being announced after half term.


Angus Gent

Head of Design Technology