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Drama Workshops

Feb, 2024 | News

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Our Pre-Prep and Junior children had their topics brought to life this week by a wonderful visit from ‘Perform for Schools’. 

Reception caught The Dinosaur Express, flying back 65 millions years on a dino-discovery mission! It was a most engaging and energy-filled morning; certainly the perfect way to experience the Mesozoic era for our 4 and 5 year olds at King’s! They learnt the ‘dinosaur noises’ song, tricked the evil brachiosaurus as well as embodying many different dinosaurs in their trek through the swamps and their murky-water swimming! It was an energy and fun-filled experience for us all! 

Year 1 took a cultural leap to the vast continent of Africa with an exploration of the people, their music, customs and the local flora and fauna. The children learnt an African chant, acted out the traditional African story of ‘Anansi’, improvised characteristics of African animals as well as exploring historic African ways of life in different tribes; a very busy workshop! The children demonstrated how much they have learnt during their first half-term studying ‘Amazing Africa’ – we were so proud of the children for their concentration and confidence! 

Year 3 experienced air raids, rationing , evacuees and life on the home front during their workshops in the afternoon. The children were taken back to a time of true austerity, discovering the impact of the Second World War on families during that time. They created freeze-frames to show important key facts and learnt some very impressive dance moves to ‘The Lambeth Walk’ as well as being ‘evacuated’ through improvisation and role play as part of their WWII topic this term. 

King’s is passionate about Drama, as evidenced by the many opportunities available for performance. Drama is a huge part of the children’s curriculum during their Early Years and is integrated into every Pre-Prep topic. Pupils in Year 3 to 8 have timetabled weekly Drama lessons; incredibly popular moments during the week where the children put down their pencils and pens in order to move, speak and respond to one another, using imagination and creativity.