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Coronation at King’s

May, 2023 | News

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Last Friday the pupils at King’s enjoyed a day of Coronation Celebrations!  Two pupils have written their memories:

On the day of the Coronation Celebration at King’s everybody dressed up in red, white and blue, including the staff!  It was quite exciting seeing everyone in their unique outfits.  It was even more exciting in Assembly as Mrs Day made a little gown for Pickwick the Bear, to help us to understand how complicated it is to sew a uniform.  She also talked about the uniform the people in the parade had to wear and the Crown Jewels, such as the orb, the sceptre and the crown itself!  After lessons and break-time, we walked to a special Coronation Lunch, where there were sandwiches, popcorn chicken nuggets, and even ice-cream!  After a very special meal, we had a photo with the entire school in the shape of a union flag, as a drone took pictures of us from above.  At the end of the day, we were given a beautiful iced biscuit in the shape and colour of the golden carriage to take home.  This was done in favour of King Charles III’s Coronation.   Avery, Year 3 

For the Coronation Celebrations we dressed up in red, white and blue – everyone looked amazing.  In Assembly, Mrs Day talked about the uniforms at the Coronation and how some of them were made of solid gold thread, and she even made a gown on her sewing machine in the Assembly, modelling it on Pickwick the Bear.  She talked about the Crown Jewels and the big parade on Saturday.  When we had the Coronation party lunch, we had a choice of loads of different food, including popcorn chicken nuggets, pork pies, special quiche and sandwiches.  It was super tasty.  Afterwards, a drone took a photo of the whole school in the shape of the union flag!  Elinor, Year 3