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Bronze Arts Award

May, 2023 | News

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A group of 15 keen artists have been beavering away throughout the year to create their submissions for the Trinity College assessed Bronze Arts Award. 

Their sketchbooks and portfolios evidenced work covering 4 sections which develops them as artists and art leaders. Their artwork was individual and expressive, through which they learnt to plan, research, resource, execute, reflect and analyse. 

Visiting an exhibition enriched their knowledge and understanding of Art, while their confidence as Art leaders developed as they presented their experiences to others. 

Researching an artist of their choice brought a wide variety of inspiration to their individual projects. 

Finally, perhaps the favourite section saw them sharing skills that they had learnt, by way of teaching a lesson to their peers. 

The examiner wrote:  “This is an exceptional cohort of Bronze Arts Awards…the young people had a free-range to express themselves, their work was well evidenced in beautifully presented portfolios.”

Congratulations to all!