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Anti-Bullying Week 15th – 19th Nov

Nov, 2021 | News

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Our pupils and staff marked “anti-bullying week” on Monday by coming into school with odd socks and remembering the importance of “One Kind Word”. Anti-bullying week brings into focus one of the most complex but important areas of school life; pupils’ relationships with each other. It also provides an opportunity for pupils to understand their place in our community by fostering a sense of belonging, as well as a genuine understanding of what is right. Here is how various year groups have been learning about this topic not only this week but in PSHE lessons, but througout the year:

For our youngest pupils, Mrs King’s library is practically overflowing with books that set fabulous examples of positive relationships, and Pre-Prep have enjoyed reading such stories with her. Our Junior pupils have also recently completed units of work focussed on friendships and how to tackle bullying by reaching out to supportive adults.

Year 5 pupils extended their thinking to include discrimination, stereotyping and the value of listening, while Year 6 considered their own identities, with a focus on the value of diversity. This half of term, our Year 8 pupils will be leading by example, following lessons on combatting cyberbullying, handling peer pressure and promoting self-esteem.

It has been wonderful to see how involved all the children have been in this important issue this week and we look forward to seeing and hearing their ideas on how to continue to promote and share kindness with eachother and within their community.