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Alex Hibbert, Arctic Explorer Talk

Jan, 2023 | News

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In July 2008, Alex completed a 1374 mile, 113 day ‘Long Haul’ return crossing of a new ice sheet route along with team-mate George Bullard. They received no resupplies or physical support and completed the final week on almost no food. 

 On Tuesday afternoon, King’s welcomed world record-holding polar explorer, Alex Hibbert, to talk to Years 5-8 about the trials and tribulations of Arctic exploration. When speaking to Year 7 & 8 pupils, Alex focussed on the importance of team work and how it was essential for him and his teammate to remain positive, battling inclement weather, lack of supplies and melting snow and ice.

For Years 5 & 6, Alex focussed more on the geographical elements to complement the learning which is done in the Michaelmas Term of Year 5 about the Antarctic. Everyone came out of the talks fascinated and wanting to know more, especially the Y5 & 6 pupils who loved hearing about Dave the sledding dog and his friends! 

Many thanks to Alex for sharing his fascinating story with us.