King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge


Term Dates

Spring Term 2018

Begins: Thursday 4th January

Half term: (after school) Friday 9th February 

Term resumes: Monday 19th February 

Ends: Friday 23rd March 

Summer Term 2018
Begins: Wednesday 18th April 
Half term: (after school) Friday 25th May
Term resumes: Monday 4th June 
Ends: Saturday 7th July
Autumn Term 2018
Begins: Wednesday 5th September
Half term: (after school) Friday 19th October
Term resumes: Monday 29th October
Ends: Wednesday 12th December
Spring Term 2019
Begins: Monday 7th January
Half term: Friday 15th February
Term resumes: Monday 25th February
Ends: Thursday 28th March
Summer Term 2019
Begins: Wednesday 24th April
Half term: Friday 24th May
Term resumes: Monday 3rd June
Ends: Saturday 6th July

Holidays during term time

Parents should not normally take pupils on holiday in term time as it is disruptive both to the child's education and to the school.

Schools can agree to a leave of absence for family holidays in term time at their discretion. They can only agree to more than 10 school days absence in any school year in exceptional circumstances. Parents should discuss proposed trips with the Head before they book the tickets.