King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge


Senior School

Welcome to King’s Senior School

Year 7 is an exciting stage along the King’s Way. Building upon the increased level of independence developed during Middle School, each child is given time to reflect upon their successes to date. With guidance and support from a dedicated team of tutors, pupils begin to analyse their own strengths and take greater responsibility for managing their own learning. A sense of team spirit and constructive evaluation is nurtured especially throughout the year, with children showing a wider awareness of their own, unique skills and strengths, as well as appreciating those of others.

As ever at King’s, we strive to make pupils' time in Year 7 as happy and productive as possible, by offering a plethora of opportunities throughout the year, including the chance to participate in the Senior Production; a host of musical concerts; a wide variety of competitive and non-competitive sports; and a range of subject-specific trips. One particular highlight is the Year 7 Activity Week, in which children are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and tackle a series of outdoor challenges in the Lake District National Park.

Year 7 also enables pupils to prepare for their crucial final year at King's. A great deal of consideration, time and effort is invested in advising, guiding, preparing and supporting each child for interviews and entrance examinations at their chosen future school.

Year 8 is a pivotal time in pupils' education, which we endeavour to make as successful and as enjoyable as possible, with excellent results to date. In concert with high academic aspirations, children are encouraged to draw upon and develop all of their skills and talents, not only in pursuit of scholarship awards, but also for their own pleasure and enjoyment.

In Year 8, children are also encouraged to consider their growing role and responsibilities within the school community and indeed the wider community. For example, small teams of Year 8 pupils are required to prepare and lead ‘Buddy’ sessions, which are designed to guide, advise and entertain younger children during some registration periods. We are currently developing this idea to incorporate reading activities and constructive community games at break times, when older children can lead and manage inclusive, fun games for younger pupils. With regard to the wider community, Year 8 recently started work on a joint project involving residents from a local care home, as well as people from our twin school and community in Sri Lanka. We hope that this project, which is designed to compare the life experiences of members of these two communities, will continue to grow in future years, developing our children’s knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the world beyond the school gate.

At the end of this busy year, and after all examinations have been concluded, Year 8 enjoy a 2-week Leavers’ Programme (following their Activity Week adventures in France) in which a variety of trips, activities and projects are planned to challenge and entertain the children after a demanding and exciting year. The time is carefully managed to allow opportunities to consider and reflect upon each child’s career at King’s with time to look forward eagerly to their imminent future elsewhere. They leave us, we hope, as happy individuals, confident in embracing a future of exceptional possibilities.