King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge


The Boarding House Staff

The Boarding House is staffed by a dedicated team led by the Housemaster. Each and every member of staff keeps a close eye on all the boys, and works to make them feel happy, safe and supported during their time in the Boarding House.

Boarding House Staff

Mr Ed Sykes, Housemaster and Head of Boarding

Mr Sykes has overall responsibility for the welfare of all the boarders and the operation of the House. He also teaches Classics.


Tel: 01223 365814

Mr Ian Barker, Deputy Housemaster

Mr Barker assists Mr Sykes in the running of the House. He is Head of PSHCE and teaches Classics.


Resident House Tutor

Mrs Joanna McNiff works in the Boarding House two evenings a week. She is Head of RS and is a Year 8 form tutor.

Mr Colin Dely works in the Boarding House two evenings a week. He is Head of Juniors and is a Year 3 form tutor.

Non- Resident House Tutors

Mr Matt Andrews, Non-Resident House Tutor

Mr Andrews is a Year 1 Form Tutor. He works in the Boarding House on Thursday evenings.

Mr Benjamin Sheen, Non-Resident House Tutor

Mr Sheen is the Recordings and Media Officer for King's College, and is an ex-Lay Clerk with the Choir. He works in the Boarding House on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Other Boarding House Staff

Mr Tom Coe-Hales, Deputy Head of Academic

Mr Coe-Hales teaches Maths and also tutors the Year 8 choristers. He liaises closely between the academic staff and Mr Sykes.


Mr James Randle, Director of Music

Mr Randle is the school's Director of Music and works closely with all the choristers, overseeing their instrumental development.


Mrs Meredith Trueman, Boarding House Administrator

Mrs Trueman works behind the scenes in the Boarding House, taking care of the general admin. She works Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.


Gap Assistants

We have up to four school Gap Assistants, usually students who come to us either before or after University. They assist with the weekly activities and duties in the Boarding House.