King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge



‘The world is a stage and all the men and women merely players….’

At King’s we see drama as an integral part of our curriculum as well as being another opportunity for our pupils to ‘shine’. All children at King’s are taught Drama as a discrete subject. This takes the form of weekly lessons that ensure the development of key skills over the course of key stages two and three. Each year pupils are able to build upon the key skills.

These key skills are:

  • Speaking:

- individual

- choral

- scripts

  • movement:

- mime

- dance

  • response:

- to other characters

- to situations

  • devising:

- improvisation

- play scripts

  • stage craft:

- directing

- producing

Pupils are then given the opportunity to transfer these skills to a theatrical situation.

Each year all children are given the opportunity to perform in plays and musicals; this makes for a busy theatrical time! Indeed there is at least one production a term; in the case of the winter and summer term there are two productions. Through the process of putting on these plays and musicals, pupils are also able to support the technical staff with the design and making of set and props and doing lighting. Pupils therefore develop an eclectic approach to theatre: plays are a team effort that require considerably more than performers to make them successful.