King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge


Religious Education

Department Aims & Objectives

The Religious Studies Department at King’s seeks to enable pupils to intellectually and personally explore the nature of religion, beliefs and practice. Children develop an informed, respectful, appreciative, tolerant and critically intelligent understanding of religious, spiritual and humanist traditions, ideas, beliefs, practices, and expressions in both historical and contemporary settings. Our pupils learn about the diversity of religious expression in Great Britain and the wider world.

Pupils develop:

· A knowledge of Christianity: its stories, traditions, festivals, worship and teachings;

· A sense of Christian morality- theological and practical responses to contemporary issues;

· An understanding of what it means to hold a religious view of life and the ability to think about questions of beliefs and values;

· An awareness of life’s spiritual dimension;

· A knowledge and respect for other major world faiths and spiritual traditions, as well as spiritual and moral issues in life experiences;

· An understanding of what it means to be committed to a religious tradition;

· An ability to reflect on their own experiences and to develop a personal response to the fundamental questions of life;

· Respect for other views and to celebrate diversity in society;

· High-level investigative, dialogical, summative and evaluative skills, enabling reasoned discussion, reflection and decision making about religious issues.

A particular strength of the RS Department is drawing on cross-curricular links, resources and opportunities, especially from English, Art, History, Geography, Music, Drama, PSHE and the Sciences.

Pre-Prep: Reception to Year 2: Foundations in RS
Junior School: Year 3 to Year 4: Adventures and Discoveries in RS
Middle School: Year 5 to Year 6: Explorations and Investigations in RS
Senior School: Year 7 to Year 8: Critical Studies in RS