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Department Aims & Objectives

Geographical studies should help pupils to:

  • Develop a strong interest in their own surroundings and in the world as the home of mankind;
  • Appreciate the variety of physical and human conditions on the Earth's surface;
  • Recognise some of the more important geographical patterns and relationships which are revealed in different types of landscape and in different human activities;
  • Understand some of the relationships between people, environments and sustainable development;
  • Appreciate the importance of geographical location in human affairs and understand how activities and places are linked by movements of people, materials and information, and by complex economic, social, political and physical relationships.
  • Understand what it means to live in one place rather than another;
  • Understand some of the more important physical and human processes which produce Geographical pattern and variety and which bring about changes;
  • Develop a range of skills and competencies necessary to carry out geographical enquiry and to interpret geographical information;
  • Appreciate the significance of people's beliefs, attitudes and values to those relationships and issues which have a geographical dimension;
  • Construct a framework of knowledge and understanding about their home area, about their own country and about other parts of the world, which will enable them to place information within appropriate geographical contexts. 

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