King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge



Department Aims & Objectives

Information Communication Technology has become an integral part of our every day lives.

At King's we recognise the importance of developing skills involved when using computers and strive towards equipping our children with the knowledge, experience and confidence required to use up-to-date technology across the curriculum. All children from Years 3-8 take part in Computing lessons with access to a dedicated Computing device. Each pupil will cover a range of skills from touch typing, HTML web design, visual and code programming, interactive game development and mobile app creation, whilst maintaining core Computing skills.

We ensure that every child has safe and secure Internet access, including an email account.

ICT is implemented across the whole curriculum. To meet the requirements of other subjects, the school has invested in almost 300 workstations, including two designated computer suites, four mobile laptop labs, and a bank of iPad devices. Every classroom is equipped with an interactive SMART Board, as a means of supporting teaching and learning.

Our aim is to enable children to use computers as a natural tool with which to produce high quality work and communicate with others. Our other aims, include:

1. To stimulate, develop and maintain pupils' curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Computing.

2. To develop appropriate Computing skills, concepts, principles, methods and vocabulary, amongst our pupils and staff.

3. To show pupils the wide-ranging and flexible nature of the use of Computing.

4. To ensure progression in the acquisition of Computing skills.

5. To encourage a spirit of helpfulness amongst pupils and staff.

6. To enable all pupils to have equal access to Computing.

7. To facilitate pupils' development of transferable skills and informed opinions about their use of Computing and support these with reasoned arguments.

8. To encourage all subject teachers to see how Computing interconnects with their own area of expertise.

9. To develop colleagues' confidence in using Computing within their own teaching, recognising that INSET and support for staff are vital if pupils are to progress in Computing capability.

10. To recognise that Computing is an essential part of the school development plan.