King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge



King’s College School is a leading Preparatory and Choir School. The curriculum is constantly kept under review. The Heads of Departments annually update and review Departmental Policies as well as Programmes of Study and Schemes of Work. This is reviewed and monitored by the Deputy Head Academic. Underlying our curriculum is a principle of fulfilment and King’s is by reputation a happy and relaxed school with a strong work ethic.

Some key elements in the education provided at King’s are:

  • A sound grasp of numeracy and the application of Mathematics (Mathematics, Computing, Technology and Science);
  • A sound ability in literacy – an ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing (specifically English and Drama, as well as all other subjects);
  • Enough familiarity with computers and other technology to retrieve and use information easily (Information and Communication Technology across the curriculum);
  • A thorough grounding in literature and in the social sciences (English, History and Geography);
  • A knowledge of the physical sciences and the world environment (Science and Geography);
  • A mastery of at least one modern foreign language and one ancient language (French, Latin and Ancient Greek);
  • An appreciation of the cultural heritage of Britain and Europe (History, Religious Studies, Geography, Music and Art);
  • A concern for physical health (Science, PSHE, Games and Physical Education, as well as form periods, and school assemblies);
  • A basic understanding of moral education, citizenship and the law (PSHE, Religious Studies, History and English, as well as form periods, school assemblies and visiting speakers);
  • A responsibility for the environment (Science, Geography and PSHE, as well as form periods, school assemblies and visiting speakers);
  • The ability to identify problems and to work creatively towards solutions (all subjects, but specifically Mathematics, Science, and Design Technology).