King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge



Everybody at King's has the right to be at school without fear of intimidation. Bullying either verbal (name calling, persistent teasing), physical (any form of violence), remote (nasty e-mails or text messages), will NOT be tolerated at King's.

It is everyone's responsibility to help prevent it.

If you feel you are being bullied:

Ignore the bullying and try not to show you are upset.

Walk away quickly and confidently even if you don't feel that way inside.

Get your friends together and say 'No' to the bully.

If you are different in any way, be proud of it - it is good to be an individual.

Avoid being in places where bullying occurs.You MUST tell an adult who you can trust as soon as possible - a parent, your form tutor or other teacher, the Deputy Head, Headmaster or a Matron. They will listen to you and handle the situation with sensitivity.

If you think someone else may be being bullied:

Don't standby and watch - fetch help.

Show that you and your friends disapprove.

Give sympathy and support to the person who may be bullied.

If you know of serious bullying, tell a trusted adult.

It is not telling tales - the victim may be too scared or lonely to tell.                                                                                               

Click Here to Report Bullying In Confidence to Miss Greenlaw                                                                                                  

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