King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge


School Transport Arrangements

The overall aims of the travel arrangements are to increase the safety of children on site and to reduce the number of cars driving into King's and parking in the mornings.

Pre-Prep is open from 08.10 each morning for ‘Early Waiters’, provided for children who are coming to School by bus and for those parents who wish to bring their children to school before 08.30. Supervision for Junior children is also available in the playground from 08:10.

Hope that makes sense.

Cars are not able to park on the School premises in the mornings to drop children off. This helps to leave enough parking spaces for all who work at King’s. It also removes the worries that exist of the possible dangers that arise when larger cars have to reverse out of parking spaces.

Although cars are not able to park in the mornings, there is a drive-through system from West Road to Grange Road with a ‘kiss and drop’ arrangement for Pre-Prep children from 08.30 – 08.50. Children are welcomed to school by a member of Pre-Prep staff to help them from the car and bring them into the building without the need for parents to park. If Pre-Prep children are brought to school by car before 08.30 parents should park off site in one of the nearby roads and bring their children in to the department on foot.

Parents of children in Years 7 & 8 who bring children to School only in these Year groups, are asked to drop the children in West Road or Grange Road and must not drive into the School grounds. Children of this age should be able to manage walking into the School unaccompanied.

A black ‘post box’ by the Big Tree allows letters/messages for the School Office and staff to be dropped off more easily without having to go to the School Office.

A pedestrian gate just to the right of the main entrance gate in West Road allows those entering the School on foot to come along the path under the trees without getting involved with cars as they enter the main gate as happens at present.

We run a minibus service from Saffron Walden, Sawston, Duxford and the Park and Ride in Trumpington each morning. If you are interested in reserving a seat on this minibus for your child, please enquire in the School Office.