King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge


Junior School

The Junior School consists of three Year 3 classes and three Year 4 classes. The Year 3 children receive specialist teaching in Music, Drama, French, ICT, DT, PE, RS and Games. All other subjects are taught by Form Tutors, ensuring that our children have a lot of contact with their Form Tutors who can monitor both academic progress and social development. The children are set for Mathematics and Spelling in one of three groups in each Year. 

In Year 4, close contact with the Form Tutor is maintained, although the amount of specialist teaching increases to include Art and Science.

The Head of Juniors liaises with teachers regularly in order to ensure a thorough knowledge of each child. He also liaises closely with the Head of Learning Support and is aware of each child’s learning needs. Parents are very welcome to meet with the Head of Juniors or Form Tutors to discuss any issue relating to their child or the curriculum. 

Excellent pastoral care is crucial to us and is underpinned by Form Tutors' knowledge of individuals, as well as a carefully structured programme of PSHE. The children know that bullying and verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated at King’s. This allows all children to feel safe and therefore able to work and play contentedly.

The department shares two classroom assistants who know the children well and support them in a variety of ways: for example by, working with small groups; hearing readers; and facilitating the learning of multiplication tables. The Library and our Librarian are an integral part of the children’s learning. Classes visit the Library to carry out research, either in books or online. Our Librarian ensures that class reading books (which are coded according to reading level) are kept up to date. 

Prep is set for twenty minutes each day. During the week, reading, learning spellings and mathematics feature. At the weekend more ‘open-ended’ discovery preps are set . Although prep is important at this stage, we also encourage children to practise playing their musical instrument(s) and pursue personal interests.