King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge


Programmes of Study




Year 3Teeth and Healthy Eating Forces and Magnetism,    Growth of Plants and Plant AdaptationLight and Shadows, Rocks and Minerals

Year 4

Famous Scientists
Safety in lab
Lifecycles Inc breathing of invertebrates
Moving and growing
Keeping warm
Balanced diets
Sustainable Gardening

Solids, liquids and how they can be separated
Keeping healthy, the heart, pulse rate

Year 5

Gases around us
Changing state
Changing circuits
Renewable Energy
Forces in action
Reversible & irreversible changes
Interdependence and adaptation

Year 6

More about dissolving
How we see things
Earth, Sun and Moon
Changing sounds
Anatomy of plants

Year 7

Types of Energy and the efficiency of energy conversion.
Elements mixtures and compounds
Acids, alkalis and salts
Sexual reproduction in humans and plants
Speed and forces
Respiration and photosynthesis  and a
further study of cell adaptation and structure
An introduction to competition amongst the
metal elements and types of chemical reaction

Year 8

Density of materials, pressure, moments of forces
Oxidation and redox reactions
Digestion and the mechanism of breathing heart and circulation

A further study of electrical resisitance, and electromagnetism.
An introduction to stactic electricity.
Types of Chemical reaction and rates of reaction

A study of the universe and what is meant by a light year.
An introduction into the study of genetics and inheritance.
Atomic structure and atomic bonding.
Simple biochemical molecules and their role in living things.