King's College School

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Department Aims & Objectives

Science at King’s College School aims to inspire an understanding of the importance of Science and to equip students with the tools to independently make sense of the phenomena they encounter in their everyday lives.

The methodology is designed to give an insight into all aspects of Science and to both inform and provoke thought about the natural world. At all stages, we seek to teach a balance between physical and life sciences and a menu that is sympathetic to the maturity of our audience.

During the Pre-Prep years we focus mainly upon tangible aspects of the world around us that our younger children can relate to. As we progress into Years 3, 4 and 5, subject matter is dealt with in greater depth with emphasis on the inter-relationships of the natural world, delivered through a spiralling syllabus.

In Years 6, 7 and 8, the aim is to continue to develop a wider knowledge and deeper understanding of topics and hence to prepare for the Common Entrance and scholarship examinations at 13+. The teaching also ensures that the National Curriculum requirements of Key Stages 2 and 3 are adhered to.

Wherever possible, we aim to establish connections with many other areas of the curriculum and so the subject matter is delivered to strengthen the relevance of Science in general education and the legacy of its development in the modern world.

The aim is to encourage confidence in pupils’ own ability to gain a scientific understanding and instil in them the confidence to embrace Science in their lives at school and beyond.

Pupils are encouraged to:

  • Be curious and question aspects of the world around them;
  • Value and challenge each other’s ideas, hypotheses and theories;
  • Develop reliable and fair methods of experimentation;
  • Learn the application and importance of technology;
  • Develop their natural spirit of enquiry;
  • Acquire a broad base of scientific knowledge;
  • Learn to communicate scientific ideas and findings;
  • Appreciate the many links between Science and other subjects;
  • Apply their scientific understanding to work out answers in less familiar contexts.
The Science programme of study at King's centres on enabling pupils to learn about the following topic areas:

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