King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge


Middle School Topics

Year 5

Myself and My Relationships: making the classroom a safe place to learn; building relationships; coping with new situations; sources of support; and anti bullying.

Living in the Wider World: children’s rights; conflicting rights and responsibilities; rules and laws in society; the role of Parliament; local and national democracy; and school and class councils.

Diversity in Communities: challenging stereotypes.

Health and Wellbeing: keeping safe near railways; cycle safety; preventing accidents; and basic first aid.

Residential Experience

Year 6

Myself and My Relationships: family and friends; understanding and valuing difference; coping with relationship issues; problem solving and perseverance; and anti bullying.

Health and Wellbeing: Legal and illegal drugs; essential use of medicines; misuse of substances; staying safe; the influence of friends and media; and reliable information. Sex and Relationship Education- the human life cycle; physical change; developing a positive body image; and changing emotions.

Living in the Wider World: economic wellbeing- wants and needs; budgeting; making choices; and the role of charities.

Residential Experience