King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge


Junior Department Topics

Year 3

Myself and My Relationships: developing friendship skills; valuing difference; families and other special people; getting support; and understanding and managing the impact of feelings.

Health and Wellbeing 1: responsibilities for hygiene- benefits of carrying out regular personal hygiene routines.

Living in the Wider World: identity; similarities and differences; people in the community; and the local and wider environment.

Health and Wellbeing 2: keeping safe in the sun and near water; and safety during activities and visits

Year 4

Myself and My Relationships: what makes a good friend; why do friendships break up; managing social situations/peer pressure; and anti-bullying strategies.

Health and Wellbeing 1: medicines and legal drugs; rules for safe storage of drugs; and smoking and alcohol education.

Health and Wellbeing 2: keeping safe; fire, electricity and road safety; accident prevention; and the role of the emergency services. Sex and Relationship Education- stages of human life; being grown up;  and our responsibilities.