King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge


Year 4 Key Objectives

  • Add or subtract mentally pairs of two-digit whole numbers (e.g. 47 + 58, 91 – 35).
  • Derive and recall multiplication facts up to 10 × 10, the corresponding division facts and multiples of numbers to 10 up to the tenth multiple.
  • Answer a question by identifying what data to collect; organise, present, analyse and interpret the data in tables, diagrams, tally charts, pictograms and bar charts, using ICT where appropriate.
  • Choose and use standard metric units and their abbreviations when estimating, measuring and recording length, weight and capacity; know the meaning of ‘kilo’, ‘centi’ and ‘milli’ and, where appropriate, use decimal notation to record measurements (e.g. 1.3 m or 0.6 kg).
  • Use diagrams to identify equivalent fractions (e.g. 6/8 and 3/4, or 70/100 and 7/10); interpret mixed numbers and position them on a number line (e.g. 31/2).
  • Develop and use written methods to record, support and explain multiplication and division of two-digit numbers by a one-digit number, including division with remainders (e.g. 15 × 9, 98 ÷ 6).
  • Know that angles are measured in degrees and that one whole turn is 360°; compare and order angles less than 180°.