King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge


Year 1 Key Objectives

  • Read and write numerals from 0 to 20, then beyond; use knowledge of place value to position these numbers on a number track and number line.
  • Use the vocabulary related to addition and subtraction and symbols to describe and record addition and subtraction number sentences.
  • Derive and recall all pairs of numbers with a total of 10 and addition facts for totals to at least 5; work out the corresponding subtraction facts.
  • Visualise and name common 2-D shapes and 3-D solids and describe their features; use them to make patterns, pictures and models.
  • Answer a question by recording information in lists and tables; present outcomes using practical resources, pictures, block graphs or pictograms.
  • Estimate, measure, weigh and compare objects, choosing and using suitable uniform non-standard or standard units and measuring instruments (e.g. a lever balance, metre stick or measuring jug).